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Admin Dashboard preview picture
Jun 30, 2019
Admin Dashboard is a management UI that helps you track and organize employees. The ten pages include: - Overview wit...
Data Visualization UI Kit preview picture
Jan 10, 2019
Training data visualization just for you! it is free to download and use as you like. This is a nice design for your ...
User Profile & Inbox Messages. IOS App #Freebies preview picture
Jan 08, 2019
User profile and inbox messages, these two are very important elements in every app you created. So here is another c...
Savings Account. IOS App #Freebies preview picture
Jan 07, 2019
This UI Design is awesome, Saving account app for IOS looks clear and full features. You can drag the cursor for your...
Payment History Template preview picture
Jul 21, 2017
Here's an interesting free Payment History Template created with Sketch that you may find useful. The template comes ...
Player Card preview picture
Jul 31, 2015
Today's freebie is an elegant design for a player card. See your favorite player's overall skills or general info suc...