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Compartment Dashboard UI Kit
Compartment Dashboard UI Kit
Compartment Dashboard UI Kit
Compartment Dashboard UI Kit
Compartment Dashboard UI Kit

Compartment Dashboard UI Kit is a Neuomorphic UI Kit for your clean and fast computer dashboards. The element range is meant to make everything rapidly accessible in your OS by a single click. All screens and elements are fully customizable and well-organized in Sketch App.

There are 12 Elements:

  • Quick Menu
  • Clock
  • Upcoming Travel Schedule
  • Weather on the day and Arrows to view next days
  • List of most used Contacts with quick access buttons to call or text
  • Your Profile Preview with a button to add a new Guest account
  • Standby floating Button with option Icon to choose another Option
  • Minimal Login Button
  • Four short News cards of the day with a Title, Snippet and time since publishing
  • Social Media Tray with Icons and Notification Badges
  • Social Engagement Graph with growth Speech Bubble
  • Internet usage Graph with option Icon

All are made vectorial in Sketch organized with proper Titles, Groups, Styles, Text Styles and Symbols.

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You may want to check all the files in the kit before you download.

Special thanks for EpicCoders ( for designing and working for this.

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