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Free icon pack for Figma – 1000+ icons preview picture
May 19, 2022
One of the largest icon packs for Figma, including more than 1000 free vector icons for building beautiful user inter...
SWM Icon Pack [300 Figma icons] preview picture
May 22, 2022
SWM Icon Pack is a set of 300 free unique icons designed and released by Software Mansion (https://swmansion.com/). I...
140 Free Covid icons preview picture
May 21, 2022
A useful free set of 140 Covid icons in vector format released by Streamline (https://www.streamlinehq.com/). Icons f...
266 Free icons for UI and wireframing preview picture
May 25, 2022
This freebie is a set of 266 icons in 3 sizes (16/20/24px) brought to you by Tetrisly (https://tetrisly.com/figma/). ...
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