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Dashboard UI kits - Waste management preview picture
Oct 20, 2020
The dashboard is designed as a waste management project. In design, you can track trucks in real-time, check containe...
Marketing Framework preview picture
Feb 03, 2024
Enhance Your Web Advertising Strategy Professionally Designed Flat Illustration for Marketing Framework
13 Digital Online Marketing Illustration preview picture
Nov 12, 2023
Digital Online Marketing Vector Illustration with Business Analysis, Content Strategy, Ad Targeting and Management in...
3d Illustration Approved Stamp preview picture
Nov 04, 2023
3d Illustration Approved Stamp concept, suitable for use on commercial websites, marketing collateral, and product pa...
12 User Research Vector Illustration preview picture
Oct 31, 2023
User Research Vector Illustration of People Searching and Exploring in Networks to Design Project, Online Survey and...
12 Business Plan Vector Illustration preview picture
Oct 20, 2023
Business Plan Vector Illustration with Target, Planning, Workflow, Time Management, Statistical and Data Analysis in ...
12 Marketing Plan Illustration preview picture
Oct 19, 2023
Marketing Plan and Business Strategy Vector Illustration with Effective Time Planning and Budget Growth in Target Fla...
12 Financial Report Illustration preview picture
Oct 18, 2023
Financial Report Vector Illustration with Data Charts, Graphs and Diagrams on Finance Transaction, Analysis and Stati...
Flat Illustration Outline Intelligence AI preview picture
Aug 14, 2023
Flat Illustration Outline Intelligence AI is used for website UI/UX to portray advanced technology. It enriches the u...
12 Business Audit Documents Illustration preview picture
Aug 06, 2023
Business Audit of Documents with Charts, Accounting, Calculations and Financial Report Analytics in Flat Cartoon Hand...
12 Market Research and Analysis Illustration preview picture
May 31, 2023
Market Research and Analysis Vector Illustration with Team Management and Analytics for Making Data Statistics in Fla...
Academic Business 10 Flat Illustration preview picture
May 23, 2023
Academic Business 10 Flat Illustration Entrepreneurship in Education illustration showcasing the integration of entre...
Oexa - Admin Dashboard Template UI KIT preview picture
Apr 25, 2023
Oexa.- Admin Dashboard Figma Template designed with Figma with a modern look. A full design admin dashboard. It can b...
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