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Apple watch UI kits preview picture
Apr 04, 2021
Easy to use Design for apple and other watch screens For social media inspiration and ready UI kits
UI UX Delivery Express Landing page preview picture
Dec 21, 2020
The landing page is designed in 12 columns, and responsive for mobile screens. The design is suitable for delivery, c...
Light and dark mode Banking App design preview picture
Nov 16, 2020
The app is designed in 375x812px sizes in light mode. The design is suitable for banking apps. Components, Grouped, E...
Ecommerce Fashion Webdesign Landing page preview picture
Nov 10, 2020
Design is so suitable for eCommerce fashion websites. It is designed as clean, easy to use, modern style, fashion tre...
Analytics Dashboard UI kits set preview picture
Nov 05, 2020
The dashboard contains daily, weekly, monthly, yearly statistics about earnings, payouts, task progresses, performanc...
UI UX Corporative Langing page web design preview picture
Nov 04, 2020
Design is suitable for corporative or startup website. Well organized Easy to use Font free (Poppins) Editable Made c...
Home Cleaning Mobile App preview picture
Nov 03, 2020
The home cleaning platform connects householders with clean servicers. Both sides can check their rates and prices. T...
Social Media Dashboard Homepage Design preview picture
Nov 02, 2020
This is designed as a Social media community platform for creative people (designers, developers, photographers, and ...
Social Messagging App Design preview picture
Oct 27, 2020
A brilliant resource for messaging or chatting apps. Easy to use Made component Grouped
Language Learning App Design preview picture
Oct 26, 2020
This is designed for the Language Learning App template. The file contains 9 screens and 1 XD source file. Size 375x8...
Fitness and Healthy App preview picture
Oct 23, 2020
The design well organized, layered and made components. The file contains 6 screens and 1 source Figma file. Font fre...
Dashboard UI kits - Waste management preview picture
Oct 20, 2020
The dashboard is designed as a waste management project. In design, you can track trucks in real-time, check containe...