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In a computer's graphical user interface ( GUI ), an icon is an image that represents an application, a capability, or some other concept or specific entity with meaning for the user. An icon is usually selectable but can also be a non-selectable image such as a company's logo. Find here 417 cool and interesting icon packs you can use in your projects and presentations.


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Free Icon Set preview picture
Apr 06, 2021
Whether you are a blogger beginner or a WordPress pro, these icons can give your blog/website that professional or un...
UI Icon preview picture
Mar 21, 2021
UI Icon Set Free Use
Free 3D Cartoon Hand preview picture
Mar 18, 2021
Here is my second Blender Project. What do you think? Keep it free. Absolutely free 🚀 You may want to check all the f...
Christmas 3D Icons preview picture
Mar 17, 2021
Ho ho ho! This is a special little gift for your holidays. This product contains 27 cute Christmas 3D icons, that you...
Pokemon iOS App Icons preview picture
Mar 16, 2021
Gotta catch 'em all! Before you face another Poke-battle, feel free to check out these Pokemon-themed icons, which we...
Reebie3D Fast Food 3D Icons preview picture
Mar 06, 2021
Feeling hungry? Are you thinking about starting your own food business? Well, you're in luck, because this product is...
Free 3D Hands Icons preview picture
Feb 13, 2021
Free 3D HANDS ICONS Hey there! Need a hand? These 3D Hand Icons might help ya out! Created and designed by Unnamed Hu...
24 Free icons for UI preview picture
Jan 11, 2021
This set comes in a variety of icons for different needs and areas of online projects like web design or mobile apps ...
Comercily preview picture
Dec 02, 2020
Freemium Icon set for e-commerce needs
Light Icons Free Download preview picture
Nov 23, 2020
You may want to check all the files (all files) in the kit before you download it. If you enjoy this design, make sur...
FLUFF 3D ICONS - FREE 😋 preview picture
Nov 23, 2020
If you enjoy this design, make sure to check out other awesome icons on our website and subscribe to our newsletter b...
Free Safari Animals Icon Set preview picture
Nov 16, 2020
Who doesn't love cute animals? I know for a fact that I love 'em, 'cause they're adorable. Use these cute creatures a...
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