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Investor Deck PowerPoint Template preview picture
Jan 06, 2020
Why start a presentation from scratch?! Investor Deck save your time and provide a clear road to what you may need. ...
Figma Free Mobile & Web UI preview picture
Apr 23, 2019
Duplicate this free Figma design templates. It will help you to learn 8dp grid and proper constraints to deliver resp...
SnowMock - iPhone X preview picture
Jan 25, 2019
SnowMock for iPhone X by David Kovalev is a pack of beautifully created iPhone X mockups you can use to showcase your...
Free Communication and Network Icons preview picture
Aug 06, 2020
Communication is the key, in order for you to have a good relationship. Whether it's a relationship with a loved one,...
Lerty Display Font preview picture
Aug 06, 2020
Looking for a new font to work on? Then check out Lerty! This font is full of life and contains filled and outlined v...
Color Presets for Premiere Pro preview picture
Aug 05, 2020
This pack will help you to make your video looks great, get cinematic professional look. Adjust your video in several...
Malbourne Font preview picture
Aug 05, 2020
Malbourne is a font display made by hand, and was inspired by classic posters. It comes with uppercase, lowercase, nu...
Free Resume Template preview picture
Aug 04, 2020
Looking for a source of income can be quite difficult, especially in these trying times. But if you're lucky to find ...
Geometric Templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides preview picture
Aug 04, 2020
Whether we realize it or not, math is all around us! The world is made up of different geometrical shapes and designs...
Free Crispy Chicken Poster preview picture
Aug 03, 2020
Nom nom! Are you feeling hungry? Need a poster design for an upcoming food business of yours? Then check out this Fre...
2 High-Resolution Tank Top Mockups preview picture
Aug 03, 2020
Tank tops are awesome, because they are comfortable to wear. Oh, you want to design your own tank top? You can create...
Guy in a Face Mask Mockup [Free PSD Download] preview picture
Aug 02, 2020
Hey you! Yes, you! Now that I have your attention, please wear a mask, especially during these trying times. Stay saf...
Marlina Melvin Font preview picture
Aug 02, 2020
Marlina Melvin is a modern calligraphy font with handwritten, sophisticated flows. It is full of hearts and glyphs. I...
The Dining Table - Visualisation Project+Free Material (VRMAT) preview picture
Aug 01, 2020
Are you a graphic designer? Need a free 3D model for a dining table? Then check out Black Worn Metal Material. This m...
Free Kilojo Scales Brushes (Clip Studio) preview picture
Aug 01, 2020
Are you a graphic designer? Looking for a new design that is eccentric, but in a good way? Then check out Free Kilojo...