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Quasar - 15 Space Icons preview picture
Nov 30, 2017
To the infinity and beyond! Who doesn't fall in love with the beauty of space and universe? With that, here's Quasar ...
Macdonald - 50 Farming Icons preview picture
Nov 30, 2017
Matthew Skilles really creates awesome and just pure creativity with his personally-crafted icons! Adding on that col...
Stride - 15 Human Action Icons preview picture
Nov 27, 2017
Please check out this interesting set of human actions icons. The set comes with 15 colorful icons in SVG and PNG for...
Wylder - 15 Animal Icons preview picture
Nov 26, 2017
Flat and very cute animal icons for you! Here's Wylder, a set of 15 animal icons including giraffe, camel, turtle, fi...
Jacobsen - 15 Home Furnishing Icons preview picture
Nov 25, 2017
Looking for colorful furniture icons? Jacobsen is a set of 15 home furnishing icons. Comes with very flat design, br...
Roddick - 15 Sports Icons preview picture
Nov 24, 2017
Show off your design's playfullness and sportiness! Roddic is a set of 15 sports icons you can use for your sports we...
Lil Buddies - 15 People Icons preview picture
Nov 24, 2017
Take a look at this Lil Buddies! A cool collection of 15 people icons perfect for your next project. With its colorfu...
Futon - 15 Furniture Icons preview picture
Nov 23, 2017
Looking for icons perfect for buildings and/or furniture projects? Look no more! Futon is a FREEBIE icon set that con...
Gehry - 15 Building Icons preview picture
Nov 23, 2017
Hi creative people! Here's Gehry, a set of building icons creatively made by Matthew Skiles. This icon set comes with...
Osaka - 25 Japanese Icons preview picture
Nov 22, 2017
Share the beauty of land of the rising sun -- Japan with these amazing very great and lovely 25 Japanese icons by Mat...
Oden - 15 Finance Icons preview picture
Nov 21, 2017
Here's an interesting set of finance icons! Retro-looking and comes with green, yellow and blue color palette for a ...
Garland - 25 Summer Vacation Icons preview picture
Nov 20, 2017
What a great way to beat the HEAT not another than these very cute and colorful summer icons? Garland is a set of 25 ...