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Awesome 34 Charts UX/UI preview picture
Jan 19, 2020
Awesome Stylish and beautiful 34 UI Charts kit to boost your workflow. Introducing UX/UI Charts Kit with 34 modern an...
ProManage Dashboard -Light & Dark Themes preview picture
Dec 03, 2019
Hello Friends 👋 I'm working on an online work management application called ProManage. You can collaborate your work ...
4 Hover styles with prototype (Click the image to see the Animation) preview picture
Dec 02, 2019
Hey guys! Today we're giving out some nice stylish hover buttons on 4 different colors and 4 different styles along w...
Apple Music Dark Theme preview picture
Nov 28, 2019
13+ Screens Organized and Clean Layers Dark Mode Minimal Design And Modern Including Wireframes
Business Intelligence Analytics Tool preview picture
Nov 28, 2019
Hello there! Thank you for viewing my item and showing interest in it. Overview Each screen is fully customizable, ex...
Meditation iOS App (XD) preview picture
Oct 16, 2019
Hello Everyone, This UIKit is 100% customizable for your work. Have more than 20+ Screens Very minimal design. $6 For...
To Do Task list Dark App Version preview picture
Oct 13, 2019
Hello Everyone, Here is the To-Do Task list dark app version!!! Eager to hear your thoughts on this work of mine.
Plant Care App For iOS (XD) preview picture
Oct 12, 2019
Hey, this is my new shot Plant care Application. In this, the user will create a community and share knowledge about ...
Education Learning Application For iOS (XD) preview picture
Oct 12, 2019
This is an Education learning app with a gamification concept. Easy to learn and fun to learn.
Recipe App Design Concept preview picture
Sep 20, 2019
Hello everyone! Here is my new concept of application design for finding recipes based on the ingredients I have. 🥗 F...
Dashboard For Web preview picture
Sep 20, 2019
Dashboard UI Kit is a beautifully high-polished & thoughtfully designed dashboard UI Kit! Each screen is fully custom...
Hoolikers Travel App  preview picture
Aug 19, 2019
hoolikers is a travel app that makes it easy for you to choose the destination you want to go to.