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NFTX - NFT Marketplace App UI Kits preview picture
Jun 11, 2022
NFTX is a Premium and High-Quality NFT Market App UI Kit consisting of 60+ pixel-perfect screens and is easy to use i...
Medics - Medical App UI Kit preview picture
Apr 23, 2022
Medics - is the doctor's finding and appointment iOS UI Kit designed for doctors, hospitals, clinics, dental hospital...
Social Media App (What's Trending) preview picture
Aug 31, 2021
Hello Guys! This is Social Media App (What's Trending) Screens. Hope you all like it ! Tools Used: Adobe XD. Eager to...
Restaurant Recipe App preview picture
Feb 21, 2020
It’s likely you’ve seen a Tasty video or two in your time on social media, and the Good Meals app for iOS and Android...
Super Shop App preview picture
Feb 17, 2020
This is a modern shopping app with minimal designing concepts. Through downloading this you will get; Multiple Solid ...
Hotel Booking App preview picture
Feb 17, 2020
Multiple Solid Color Choice Poppin Font Modular UI Design Ioncions 4 Column Grid Dark and Light This app offers acces...
Restaurant Food App preview picture
Jan 01, 2020
Good Meals Recipes App UI Kit is a pack of delicate UI design screen templates that will help you to design clear int...
Admin Dashboard Design Concept preview picture
Nov 18, 2019
Admin Dashboard UI Kit is the perfect choice for your next dashboard/KPI design concept. All the ready-made icons and...
Tesla App - Redesign preview picture
Nov 04, 2019
This UI kit is based on the automotive industry and it's been curated to the Tesla Car model. This app design consist...
To Do List App - Full Kit preview picture
Nov 01, 2019
This is a To-Do List App. The download file includes 7+ Screens and the full working prototype :) Multiple Solid Colo...
Dating App - Full Product preview picture
Oct 19, 2019
This is a simple Dating App concept. Tinder is a very famous dating app and this product can closely match it with so...
Music Player Layout preview picture
Sep 14, 2019
Hey guys, this is a music player layout concept. This is an app concept where users can listen to and stream music n...
Project Management App preview picture
Jul 17, 2019
This is a PM app designed while closely analyzing the PM market. This includes 10+ screens and 100+ components. You c...
New non-profit UI Kit free preview picture
Mar 19, 2019
"LET'S CREATE SOMETHING GOOD." A UI kit and responsive website prototype for Adobe XD, designed with non-profits in m...
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