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Payou digital wallet app Dark UI kit preview picture
May 27, 2022
Overview Includes 60+ high-quality screens that will help you start your finance, wallet, and banking projects and ac...
Monefy - Online Payment UI KIT preview picture
May 08, 2022
Launch your brand new Money Transfer and Online Payments website that meets the latest trends in the world of online ...
DaPay - Fintech Mobile App UI KIT preview picture
Mar 02, 2022
DaPay is a Premium and High-Quality Fintech Mobile App UI Kit With 45+ High-Quality Screens And Easy To Use In Figma ...
Blossom Fintech UI Kit preview picture
Nov 11, 2019
Blossom is a light UI kit for internet banking with 10 ready-made pages, created to boost your web projects and help ...
AB Wallet Mobile App for  IPhoneX preview picture
Oct 11, 2017
AB Wallet is a mobile app ui . Helps developers create wallet applications for IphoneX With special features and crit...
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