Stickers Freebie Vol. 2

Stickers Freebie Vol. 2

Hello animal lovers! Looking for free stuff?

Here's another sticker freebie, Stickers Freebie Vol. 2 by Alex Kunchevsky.

These vectors are carefully handcrafted cute stickers which consist of chameleon, dinosaur, dragon, and sloth. Each of them has a different design, texture, line intensity, and color that makes them unique.

When it comes to stickers you can never have just one, and you have to admit they can make your laptop, car, or even walls look so much better. They’re durable and come in a wide variety of sizes so you can pretty much stick them anywhere. No matter what you’re into there is sure to be a sticker for you, and for those that often buy more than one, we have a free one for you.

The file is ready in PNG and SVG formats, you can download them for free and you may use for your personal need or your commercial projects. Download it now for free!

Design work by Alex Kunchevsky (