Shards — App Promo Page

Shards — App Promo Page
Shards — App Promo Page
Shards — App Promo Page
Shards — App Promo Page

Shards is a free and modern UI toolkit for web makers based on the popular Bootstrap 4 (final) framework.

Shards is built with performance in mind having a small footprint and weighting ~13kb minified and gzipped.

With Bootstrap 4 at its core, Shards is responsive by default being able to adapt and reflow its layout to any screen size.

Well Documented
Everything new in Shards is well documented so you can start building beautiful interfaces as soon as possible.

Modern Design System
Each component was designed from scratch and comes enhanced with smooth micro-interactions to better fit Shards’ strong design system.

Shards comes packed with 10 extra custom components that help to cover almost any type of interface requirements and also 2 custom pre-built landing pages.

Icon Packs
Icons from both Material and Font Awesome packs (1500+) are supported by default and can be placed in almost any element without the need of adjusting the kit.

Source Files
We've included the original Sketch and SCSS files so you can get your hands dirty, create new layouts or even customize and recompile the kit to your needs.

We really hope you will enjoy it. 😁 Please check out the attachments, live demo, and the actual product and let us know what you think and if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas!

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You may want to check all the files in the kit before you download

Special thanks to Catalin Nick ( for designing and working for this.

Your feedback and opinions are very important to us! Should you have a question, concern or suggestion - don't hesitate to reach us out on our social media pages and we'll answer as soon as we can.

You may also email us at [email protected]

Thank you and enjoy designing!
EpicPxls <3