Outdoor Mass Advertisement Billboard Mockup

Outdoor Mass Advertisement Billboard Mockup

A lot of big company advertise on the billboard, for example, Protec & Gamble, Insurance company, Unilever and so on. Commonly, they put the big billboard in a crowded place or at the center of their targeted audience. A question for you, where can we see a huge billboard ad? On the highway, in the CBD (Central Business District), right?
This billboard gives a strong and clear message, sometimes people are overwhelmed only by the size of it. And people already have valued the billboard as a luxury advertisement. For this reason, we can manipulate this to the viewer's mind, by uploading a billboard picture in your project advertisement. Whether your business is only a small shop or even a big company, this mock-up PSD will allow you to create a billboard picture easier for your advertising tools.

Give your hoarding – billboard designs a professional look by getting this Free Outdoor Mass Advertisement Hoarding Billboard Mockup PSD. This mock-up is designed in PSD format that allows you to check the raw layers and edit freely with the image, text, logo, background or color; and even to add your own image, text or re-design it again. You can get the awesome result by placing your design in a smart-object layer. Feel free to download and see our daily mock-ups, icons and other vector graphics also, you may find interesting items too. If you like them, please share with your designer friends, colleague, or your community.

An easy guide for beginner to use this file:

  1. Make sure you have photoshop installed on your computer (it could be Photoshop CC or latest version)
  2. You can open the file, and you might as well open your own image or other .jpeg, .png, .Psd, or other format file that suitable with this software.
  3. Edit the background if you want a different feel, such as you can change at night-time.
  4. Next, you can delete the right bottom logo, and replace with your logo or you can leave it blank as well. (just select the layer that shows the logo)
  5. Change the text if you only do text promotion, and you can add a background picture in that billboard as you feel fit (Make sure you select the right layer, you can hide or delete it)
  6. You can also change the entire billboard message and change with your own promotion design (just add another layer and mask it, by first making a selection for the billboard space and click your image layer and mask).

Details of compressed file:

File Type: Psd
Dimensions: 3000×2000 Pixels
Smart-layer: Yes
Mock-up File Size: 7.57 Mb