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Search 21 theme applications to use for your mobile application development, website presentation, landing pages, and banners. These designs, wireframes, UI elements, web elements and react-native themes can give you a very quick start to a finished fintech, social or any kind of mobile application.


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Habit Tracker App Design preview picture
Jan 25, 2022
Organise your life with our recently designed habit tracker app which will help you to keep track of your day to day ...
Laundry Service Mobile App Design preview picture
Feb 08, 2022
We are glad to share the Laundry service app that offers pick-up and drop facilities at your doorstep. With a vision ...
Essential Oil eCommerce App Design preview picture
Aug 31, 2021
Shop for Oil and other products online at great prices. Get delivered to your doorstep with our newly designed eComme...
Freeletics Workout Redesign for Uplabs Challenge preview picture
May 05, 2020
Freelectis Workout Redesign for Uplabs Challenge is a complete mobile app for anyone who wants to hit the gym for con...
Medical App Freebies!! preview picture
May 05, 2020
This App design is used as patient monitoring such as a drug intake reminder and also integrated with any wearable me...
DoctoFinder App Concept preview picture
Apr 15, 2021
Here's a freebie designed in Figma. It's a Doctor Finder App concept by Tanvir Ahassan (
Bank App Concept preview picture
Apr 30, 2020
Manage your savings with just once click in your mobile phone with this Bank App Concept designed using Figma and ins...
Rockit (E-Scooter Dashboard) [FREE] preview picture
Jun 21, 2020
Here is a Piyush Kumar Singh's Screen Exploration for an E-Scooter Dashboard / Profile. With this app, you can monito...
[Freebie] Covid-19 Information App preview picture
Jun 14, 2020
Check out this Covid-19 Information App Design that Prateek Gupta ( made with Figma. ...
Tesla Smart App Concept preview picture
Jun 03, 2020
Tesla Smart App is a mobile smart app concept that lets you put your cars and automobiles in auto-pilot and instant p...
House Lamp App - Figma preview picture
Jan 11, 2021
House Lamp App by Borkat Ulla ( is a simple, neat, and organized Figma app design ...
pcast - Podcast App for Figma preview picture
Nov 21, 2019
pcast is a concept of podcast application. Freebie provides 12 screens and customizable components. pcast comes in Fi...
Plant Care App Exploration preview picture
Apr 30, 2020
Plant Care App Exploration is a fun and unique app concept for certified plant lovers. The app lets you monitor all y...
Marketplace App preview picture
Jul 25, 2021
You may want to check all the files (all files) in the kit before you download it. Thanks to Safitri Irma (https://d...
Contact Book App | Freebie preview picture
Jul 31, 2021
This UI design is ready to use for mobile app project. Figma (Master file) Images source > Unsplash Vector-based With...
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