Icons Library for Figma users

By Andrew in Icons
Icons Library for Figma users
Icons Library for Figma users

Here's an interesting icon library and this project comes with clean design, well-organized elements, and editable content.

From the author:
I made an icon library which I have been using for a while. It always updates, growths and supports by me. Feel free to use it for your projects. Hope I can make your work process faster.
If you have some suggestions let me know, please.

Features of the set:
• Perfect for iOS, Android & Web
• Elegant & minimalist design
• Works in Figma

Above all, this icon set is completely free for use in commercial and personal projects. In addition, use this great library to add icons to your system design.

Thanks to Andrew (https://dribbble.com/andrewtanchuk) for creating these stunning icons and sharing it with us! So, if you like the icons here in our site make sure to click follow so you will be notified for more cool products in the future.

You may want to check all the files in the kit before you download it.

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Thank you and enjoy designing!
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