Harmony UI Kit for Sketch

Harmony UI Kit for Sketch
Harmony UI Kit for Sketch

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We're glad to share to you this Harmony UI Kit for Sketch by Dawid Mlynaz. It is a mobile app concept for finding and sharing hiking places around you. It has a flat design and cool green gradient that creates a modern and harmonic look, making it a great tool to start your next map-based app project. The concept of the UI is simple and very useful for related creative applications.

Harmony UI Kit includes over 10 iOS ready core screens in full-vector graphics. Feel free to download it now and customize it upon your liking. You can fully check this item in dribble: https://dribbble.com/shots/3501976--Harmony-UI-Kit-for-Sketch

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You may want to all files before you download.

Special thanks to Dawid Młynarz (https://dribbble.com/dawidmlynarz) for designing and working for this.

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