Gogga - A Free Font

Gogga - A Free Font
Gogga - A Free Font
Gogga - A Free Font
Gogga - A Free Font

This font formed part of a visual identity for a company called Gogga Farms, which produces insect-based protein alternatives. Insects are a more sustainable source of protein than common western or eastern sources such as soy and animal-based products.

The Gogga TypeFace by Lauren Joy Elizabeth Bird (https://www.behance.net/170018adob8cb8) is a sans-serif and uppercase design that comes in two variations, Gogga Thorax and Gogga Exoskeleton. This bold typeface serves
as a visual representation of the South African soil and the hardiness of its smallest inhabitants through the use of strong, mono width lines and imperfect shape edges.
Many people might find the idea of eating insects as part of a regular diet off-putting and this font aims to place a light-hearted and fun spin on an important topic such as the ecological impact unsustainable farming has.

You may want to check all the files in the kit before you download it.

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