Free Icon Set

Free Icon Set
Free Icon Set
Free Icon Set
Free Icon Set

Whether you are a blogger beginner or a WordPress pro, these icons can give your blog/website that professional or unique look. They will also save you tons of time as these are ready-made for you.

Why use Icons?
Icons help engage web users to navigate around your website. When users go onto your website they don’t always read the content but glance at your site in order to find something visually interesting. Icons can help to promote your content or redirect users to different parts of your website. The aim of icons is to grab a user’s attention quickly. Much quicker than words alone. Icons are not just found on the web, they can be found all over for instance on road signs and keyboards, and help to communicate a specific piece of information. Usually, when we look at an Icon we instantly know what it means.

Try this out. Show some well-known icons to a group of young children and see if they can identify what they mean. I tried this with my children and they could easily identify what each Icon was for. Hence the reason we use Icons… because they are simple but can communicate information in a visual way.

Icons also help you to avoid those situations where users click on your site and leave without paying attention to your content. You may have great content but if it is not accessible to the user then it is not viable.

These icons are super easy and fun to download. Use them as you wish on your blog/website. These are suitable for personal and commercial use but can not be resold.

You may want to check all the files in the kit before you download it. Thanks to Kirsty Yiu ( for sharing this freebie with the community.

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