Fitgoal UI Kit

Fitgoal UI Kit
Fitgoal UI Kit
Fitgoal UI Kit
Fitgoal UI Kit
Fitgoal UI Kit
Fitgoal UI Kit

Stretch your limits with the Fitgoal UI Kit - The UI Kit that checks itself out in the mirror

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Looking good and being fit takes dedication, consistency, and perseverance—just like good product design. fitgoal's good looks can help you obtain and maintain your beach bod with...

  • 30 Screens,
  • 179 Components,
  • 26 Fitness Icons.

Push your limits
Find new exercises to add to your current workouts, or use the in-app browser to find the right routine. Either way, fitgoal spots you so you’re always maxing out to get better.

Fresh icons and illustrations
Unlike the smell of your gym bag, fitgoal's 35 icons and illustrations are fresh and ready for use in this UI kit or any other you’re working out. Take ‘em for a spin! (And then put your bag in the spin cycle, please. We all notice.)

Stretched out fitness experiences
If you’re just starting to work out, there’s a fitness wizard to show you the (jump) ropes. If you’ve been at it for a while, there are screens for you to add new exercises to your routine. It takes empathy to design for such a wide range of fitness levels—put on other’s sneakers and explore the design considerations for every type.

Dare to use all 179 components
Nav bars, profile masks, media overlays, carousels, backgrounds, headers, keyboards, and more – with so many components, the possibilities are endless. Push yourself to use them all to make something that’ll you’ll admire when you catch a glimpse of it.

Fit to be square
Or circle, or check, or arrow, or any of the 22 additional icons that come in the kit. fitgoal's 26 sculpted icons can be used to build additional screens, or a different project entirely.

Style sheet to help build your design muscles
Needs something more? Not only is there a component sheet to pull from, fitgoal has a stylesheet for you to coach your new screens—so you can bulk up the kit your way.

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