D-Caller - Free Mobile UI Kit .sketch

D-Caller - Free Mobile UI Kit .sketch
D-Caller - Free Mobile UI Kit .sketch

Hi guys! Decojent crafted an excellent design UI kit with amazing elements and interesting colors. D-Caller - Free Mobile UI Kit is a high-quality phone, contact, messaging, and caller UI concept freebie. It has vivid and vibrant colors partnered with clean typography and color scheme. The layout of this phone iOS app is very well-thought-out and the elements of the UI like the message bubble, icons, and images are properly executed resulting in a pleasant looking UI design concept. It comes with a couple of essential pages and amazing empty states. The creator is very generous to share this with us for free!


• Stylish content and lovely icons
• Grouped Layers
• Compatible with iOS & Android
• 3 Example Pages
• Organized and named groups and layers
• Well organized layers

As per usual with Epicpxls products, everything is vectorial and recurring elements are in Sketch's Symbol page:

• Buttons
• Icons
• Tags
• Text input
• Message Bubble
• Placeholders

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Big thanks to Decojent (https://dribbble.com/decojent) for designing and working for this.

You may visit the designer's website at (http://decojent.com/).

See all the files in the kit and download it now!

If you also want us to code this UI kit, don't hesitate to ask us on our chat or on Twitter: https://twitter.com/epicpxls