Alphabet: Animated Font & AE Project

Alphabet: Animated Font & AE Project

Alphabet is a 5 color animated font for Adobe After Effects. Each letter is a separate file and you can easily drag and drop each letter into your own project.

A while back, motion graphics and multimedia artist Serge Berig showed how he created the Google style type and animation using the Ouroboros preset in After Effects.

Taking that one step farther, Serge offers a free download to the Alphabet animated font. The Animated font is something that he created based off of the open source google font called Roboto.

You can download video clips for each type character that have alpha channels, so you can easily drop them into your own work. Serge also makes the After Effects project file available for download, for free.

Check out the animated font, along with the entire AE project file on the download button above.

You may want to check all the files in the kit before you download it.

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