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Desktop Messaging App Concept [Sketch]
We continue sharing with you some awesome freebies that you can use in your future projects. Simply decided to make a good tradition out of it! Tod...
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Music player & Album art UI
Today's freebie is a kit for audio player widgets that display awesome album art and sound waves of different songs that you might want to play. Do...
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Planning Widget Set
Hello everyone! Here's a set of five widgets to plan your most important events: clock, location card, reminder notification, to do list and severa...
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Text Composing Widget
Today's freebie is a widget with text inputs for composing and sending text messages. The white card has a neon glow and a floating semi-transparen...
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Flash Cards Widget
Hi guys! Here's a freebie for flash cards that can be used for school or presentation helping apps. You an click the left-right buttons or swipe th...
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Map Widget UI
Hi guys, here's a free Map widget for navigation via GPS. Other than the map there is a search bar and a list of recently used locations to help yo...
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Countdown Widget UI
Hello everyone! Today's freebie is a widget for counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds 'til a certain event. You can edit your goal, sh...
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Shopping list Widget
Today's freebie is a matching set of a widget and illustration that go together for a Shopping list program. The illustration is flat, but the widg...
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Player Card
Today's freebie is an elegant design for a player card. See your favorite player's overall skills or general info such as his current team, weight,...
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Gaming Widget
Today's freebie is a cool little gaming widget, designed to let you browse and buy your favorite games. Ready to use as a resource or inspirational...
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Social Widget
Today's freebie is a widget, designed to invite your friends and followers from facebook and twitter to different events. It's yours for both comme...
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Digitial Clock Widget
This freebie contains a digital clock widget. Availble in both light and dark version, this cool freebie is at your choice of use.
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