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Elevated Elements Webpage
Hi guys! Today's freebie is a simple App deconstructed into elements by elevation, to explain the shadow placing and size. Download and share with ...
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Style Guide UI Elements
Hello everyone! Today's freebie is a UI kit with a palette, text input fields in different states, notification and toasts, drag and drop fields. D...
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Icons, menu and profile UI kit
Today's freebie is a UI kit with 24 icons, 3 types of profile pics: active, inactive and with no picture, and a dropdown menu. Download and share w...
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Doctor's Website UI
Hello everyone! Here's a free website UI intended for a generalist medical clinic with a colorful gradient header and a few paragraphs of presentat...
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Onboarding steps animation
Hi guys! Here's a mobile UI for onboarding with some introductory illustrations and a colorful welcome page. The swipe also follows the natural mov...
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UI Kit & Illustration
Hello everyone! Today's freebie is a UI kit with an illustration, a form, dropdown menu, calendar, volume dial, checkboxes and radial buttons, grap...
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Interview page UI
Hi everyone! Today's freebie is a webpage for interview articles with a shortened text version and an image of the guest. The page also has a sideb...
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Hydrate App UI
Hi everyone! Here's a UI freebie with an App that helps you hydrate properly throughout the day. You can add what you drink in a day: coffee, juice...
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Company Website UI
Hi guys, here's a website for a company that works on technology. There's a company motto, a menu for other pages in the site, a quick gallery that...
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Text Composing Widget
Today's freebie is a widget with text inputs for composing and sending text messages. The white card has a neon glow and a floating semi-transparen...
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App Categories List UI
Hello everyone! Here's a freebie with categories for when you're searching for a specific kind of app on your phone. Download and share!
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Swipe Loading Animation UI
Hi guys! Today's freebie is a mobile UI with a loading animation opening the sheer fabric of space in an app when you want to refresh and load new ...
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