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Date picker UI Set
Hi guys, here's a free UI for date setting in your calendars. You can set one day or a period of several days, in different colors. Download and en...
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Mailing UI Set
Today's UI Set is a mailing interface focused on the composition screen. There is a side menu and a tab of email editing icons like: text format, a...
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Fitness App UI kit
Hi guys! Here's a free UI kit for fitness apps with a page that allows personal stat and goal input and a page to view your heart rate and progress...
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Blue Web Components UI Kit
Hello everyone, today's freebie is a kit of colorful webpage components: menu, quote card with stepper, button states, eight icons and a music play...
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Profile and Activity UI
Hi guys! Here's a UI set for social media profiles viewed on mobile devices. It comes with initial presentation with the profile picture gradiating...
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Search Bars Kit
Today's freebie is a kit of six search bars types and two drop-down menus for filtering. There are flat squared and rounded bars, but also a transp...
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Firework UI Kit
Hello everyone! Today's freebie is a UI kit with several cards for: categories list, volume dial with percentage, audio player with playlist, modul...
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Colorful Graph UI
Hi guys, here's a UI freebie with two graphs that can be used to measure in hindsight your subscribers, views, profit, grades, mileage and other ac...
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Status Update UI
Today's freebie is a UI kit for Status Updates, for posts that can incorporate images, your location, mood and mentions. Download and enjoy!
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Webdesign Live Editor
Live editors are useful for a lot of things: creating a site from scratch, testing out new features, or even just making a quick subtle change. Thi...
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Radio App UI
Hello everyone! Here's a freebie for radio lovers of all types! This blueberry colored UI contains two screens: one for the current radio station y...
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Radial Elements UI
Hello everyone! Today's freebie is a versatile set of six radial elements that can be used for timers, temperature setting, daily timeline graphic,...
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