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Alarm & Reminder App UI
Hi guys! Today's freebie is a set of two colorful app screens for alarms and reminders. The first screen is a list of recurring alarms that can be ...
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Tourism Stats App UI
Today's freebie is an App UI for stats of tourist spots. This one is for Ray Pier, displaying monthly visits and a header image. Download and enjoy!
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Photo Booth Editing UI
Hello everyone! Here's a new freebie containing a photo editing screen with tools and filters, and a gallery of image thumbnails. Download and enjoy!
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Gradient Onboarding UI
Today's freebie is a set of onboarding screens that swipe from right to left and a stepper. The screens are complete with different illustrations o...
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Profile page App UI
Hello everyone! Today's freebie is a UI set for profile pages on mobile devices, complete with profile info, picture and useful buttons. Download a...
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Elevated Elements Webpage
Hi guys! Today's freebie is a simple App deconstructed into elements by elevation, to explain the shadow placing and size. Download and share with ...
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Onboarding steps animation
Hi guys! Here's a mobile UI for onboarding with some introductory illustrations and a colorful welcome page. The swipe also follows the natural mov...
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App Categories List UI
Hello everyone! Here's a freebie with categories for when you're searching for a specific kind of app on your phone. Download and share!
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Swipe Loading Animation UI
Hi guys! Today's freebie is a mobile UI with a loading animation opening the sheer fabric of space in an app when you want to refresh and load new ...
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Forum App UI
Hello everyone! Today's freebie is a set of App screens for an idea forum: illustrated Onboarding screen and Forum feed page with categories. Downl...
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Search Bars Kit
Today's freebie is a kit of six search bars types and two drop-down menus for filtering. There are flat squared and rounded bars, but also a transp...
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Weather App UI
Hello everyone! Here's a new UI freebie for colorful weather prediction apps. This interface has illustrations on gradient backgrounds with little ...
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