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Gradient Onboarding UI
Today's freebie is a set of onboarding screens that swipe from right to left and a stepper. The screens are complete with different illustrations o...
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Onboarding steps animation
Hi guys! Here's a mobile UI for onboarding with some introductory illustrations and a colorful welcome page. The swipe also follows the natural mov...
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Text Composing Widget
Today's freebie is a widget with text inputs for composing and sending text messages. The white card has a neon glow and a floating semi-transparen...
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UI icons and Buttons
Hi guys, here's a new freebie containing 26 useful icons for your UI, along with a few buttons and media buttons. Download and have fun!
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Weather App UI
Hello everyone! Here's a new UI freebie for colorful weather prediction apps. This interface has illustrations on gradient backgrounds with little ...
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Calculator App UI
Today's freebie is a minimalist calculator app with vibrant colors and a soft gradient background. Source for the beautiful mockup: https://dribbb...
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Ol' school gradient icons
This is an icon set we did a couple of years ago, actually might be one of the first set we did ourselves. It might not be exactly in the trend ri...
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