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Herbal E-commerce Card UI
Hello everyone! Today's freebie is an e-commerce presentation card for herbal products. It comes with photos overlaid on brushstroke textures that ...
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Gestures UI Kit
Hi guys, today's freebie is a kit of seven animated types of gestures for your UI projects. These include: three radial button clicks, a switch, ra...
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Gradient Onboarding UI
Today's freebie is a set of onboarding screens that swipe from right to left and a stepper. The screens are complete with different illustrations o...
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Website with Cards UI
Hi guys! Today's freebie is a website UI that contains paragraphs, quotes and presentation cards with buttons. Download and share!
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Doctor's Website UI
Hello everyone! Here's a free website UI intended for a generalist medical clinic with a colorful gradient header and a few paragraphs of presentat...
1 17 373
Onboarding steps animation
Hi guys! Here's a mobile UI for onboarding with some introductory illustrations and a colorful welcome page. The swipe also follows the natural mov...
3 53 528
Swipe Loading Animation UI
Hi guys! Today's freebie is a mobile UI with a loading animation opening the sheer fabric of space in an app when you want to refresh and load new ...
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Photography Portfolio UI Elements
Hi guys! Today's freebie is a set of elements for image portfolios that can be put in a carousel next to cards about the creator including: achieve...
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Radio App UI
Hello everyone! Here's a freebie for radio lovers of all types! This blueberry colored UI contains two screens: one for the current radio station y...
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Side Nav UI
Hi guys! Here's a responsive sliding Side Nav UI freebie with an example for a Comic book reading App.
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Animated Web Concept UI
Hi guys! Here's a UI freebie containing a diagonal designed card holder with floating cards for posts and a round menu button. Download and have fun!
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Responsive loading and Button shading
Hi guys! Today's freebie is a set of buttons including one responsive button that activates a bouncing ball until the action is done, and three typ...
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