Wallet Banking app UI kit for XDPremium

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Wallet Banking app UI kit for XD
Wallet Banking app UI kit for XD
Wallet Banking app UI kit for XD
Wallet Banking app UI kit for XD


Wallet banking Mobile App UI Kit is a full featured mobile UI Kit for getting started with daily transactions, ATM Cards and bank accounts allowed to be synced with 3rd party applications. The UI Kit includes 38 screens for iOS providing many useful widget-style components for your inspiration.

Key Features

38 iOS Screens

375x812 Resolution

100% scalable Vectors

Totally based on Flat Design Standards

Fully Layered & Organized with proper Names

Poppins fonts (Included on download package)

Easy to change color style

Well-documented Help file

Compatible with Adobe XD

Pages Included

  1. Splash Screen 1
  2. Splash Screen 2
  3. Splash Screen 3
  4. Splash Screen 4
  5. Login
  6. Login filled
  7. Signup
  8. Signup filled
  9. Email Verification
  10. Forgot password
  11. Side Menu
  12. Dashboard
  13. My cards
  14. My accounts
  15. My transactions
  16. Notifications
  17. Notification detail
  18. Transaction detail
  19. Add card
  20. Add account
  21. Add a transaction
  22. Verify bank account
  23. Search
  24. Loans welcome page
  25. Loan providers
  26. New loan
  27. Current loans
  28. Loan history
  29. Personal information
  30. Change password
  31. Change pin
  32. 2 step verification
  33. Settings
  34. Notifications
  35. About app
  36. Support
  37. FAQ
  38. Contact

Source & Credits

Fonts: Poppins [google fonts,, included in the files]

Image: Pexels

How to Use Adobe XD Files

Via the assets and components section of the file, you can make general changes to the colors, font style and components; affecting the entire layout at once.

Click on the assist panel or shit+Command+Y / shift+control+Y to display the assets panel; right click and edit to make changes to the colors or Character styles.

For components, right click and click on edit Master components to make changes to every component linked with the master component.

To easily use for Android screens, edit the iPhone Screen Defaults master components and replace the inner components with your preferred Andriod status bar and home bar. Alternatively you can update the individual Status Bar - iPhone and Home indicator - phone Master components to have the same effect.

Please to get more understanding, watch the video from Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu5khe2H2-c