Voice Changer AI App UI KitPremium

Voice Changer AI App UI Kit


  1. Home Screen: The home screen will be the first thing users see when they open the app. It will feature a clean and intuitive layout with various options for voice changes and effects. Users can easily navigate through the app from the home screen.

  2. Voice Effects Library: This section will contain a library of different voice effects that users can apply to their recordings. It will showcase various categories such as cartoon, robot, alien, and more. Users can preview the effects and select the one they want to apply to their voice.

  3. Recording Screen: The recording screen will allow users to record their voice and apply different effects in real-time. It will include options to start, pause, and stop the recording, as well as a playback feature to listen to the recorded audio with the selected voice effect.

  4. Voice Settings: In this section, users can customize their voice settings, such as pitch, speed, and tone. There will be sliders and toggle buttons for easy adjustment of these settings.

  5. Saved Recordings: Users can access their previously recorded and edited voice recordings in this section. They can also share or export their recordings to social media or messaging platforms directly from the app.

  6. Settings: The app will include a settings menu where users can manage their account, change app settings, and access help and support.

Overall, the UI design will focus on simplicity, ease of use, and an engaging visual experience for users to explore and apply various voice effects. The design will also incorporate a cohesive color scheme, clear iconography, and seamless navigation to ensure a delightful user experience.

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