Trading & Mining Icons Freebie

Trading & Mining Icons Freebie
Trading & Mining Icons Freebie

Looking for a cool icon? Look no more. Trading and Mining Icons, created by Reiza Pahlevi was made with trading and mining in mind. Each icon is a small illustration that boasts of incredible coloring and eye-pleasing shapes that is way more than cool!

Trading and Mining Icons are inspired by a new trendy gradient style, all icons are overlaps with gradient for making a new and different style for your project.

These icons have a fantastic color blend with a rounded shape. It is projecting a clear message and would be great at being in your project.

What makes it great?

  • Icons that you can misuse and abuse
  • High-resolution icons available for download
  • Two color variants
  • Free to download

Each icon is mouse crafted in Adobe Illustrator, for maximum quality.

You can download it now for free. Don't forget to click follow to get notice for more cool products in the future!

Designed by Reiza Pahlevi. (