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Throttle App UI
Throttle App UI
Throttle App UI
Throttle App UI
Throttle App UI

Throttle App UI is a local exploring dark mode Neumorphic App that makes it easy to find cool new places in a city via GPS, according to your location.

The 6 pages include:

  • Live route map with neon glowing route and current selected destination
  • Locations list from the Restaurant category.
  • Location description with details about a place, such as the rating, address, hours, phone, and a quick preview of what they offer.
  • Drawer menu for exploring the app.
  • Category list with suggestions for local places to look for.
  • Live landscape map for easy visualization on the go.

This kit was made for Sketch. All the elements in this UI Kit are in fully editable vectors and repetitive elements are organized in Symbols, Layer styles and Text styles:

  • 33 related icons
  • shading
  • buttons
  • text input
  • square circle "squircle" preview cards
  • tiny gallery
  • easy to understand schedule graph
  • buttons
  • menu lists with icons
  • text input search bar
  • divider
  • map

Your feedback and opinions are very important to us! Should you have a question, concern or suggestion - don't hesitate to reach us out on our social media pages and we'll answer as soon as we can.

You may also email us at

Thank you and enjoy designing!
EpicPxls <3