Tasks. IOS App #Freebies

Tasks. IOS App #Freebies
Tasks. IOS App #Freebies

Task iOS UI kit is a modern, clean, beautiful, and very detailed UI kit. All symbols and objects are vector based and easily editable. We used free Google Font as well as free embedded icon font that you can easily replace. This UI kit is perfect for any projects, project management services, team productivity portals, and ToDo tools.

Check them out, maybe you’ll find one of them useful for your next project.


  • Wonderful visual aesthetics
  • Well-organized elements
  • Vivid and vibrant gradient colors
  • Works in Photoshop CS6+
  • Energetic look
  • Well-thought-out color schemes
  • Customizable vector shapes
  • Perfect for iOS, Android & Websites
  • Colorful & Modern Design
  • Uncluttered UI
  • Free to use and customize
  • Premium look and feel

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See all the files in the kit and download it now!

Special thanks to Brice Séraphin (https://dribbble.com/briceseraphin) for designing and working for this.

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