Slack - Mobile App ReDesign Concept (XD Freebie)

Slack - Mobile App ReDesign Concept (XD Freebie)

Clean and simple redesign of Slack mobile app concept using Adobe Xd that will let have a smooth workflow. Big thanks to Towkir Ahmed Bappy for this freebie.

It has three main tabs: Chat, Groups, Calls, and Settings. It also has a dedicated Profile page.

This Slack Mobile App ReDesign Concept is great because:

• Users can navigate between chats and channels quickly
• Users can find things easily and efficiently
• It has a very clean mobile ui and design
• It has a smooth workflow

Feel free to download it and extract the Zip file to get the file, it is in XD format so you can still edit and adjust the way you want it.

It's totally free, you can download it now, and if you are excited with this item as much as we do, please click follow and you will get notice for more cool product in the future. Cheers!

Design work by Towkir Ahmed Bappy (