Simple line icons

Simple line icons

Hey there! Today you can download this nice freebie that contains twenty (20) cool icons. Grab them now and feel free to use them as you please.
The icons are custom made and can easily be implemented into your design.

These icons are best applied for business catalog, name cards, brochure, office decorations, office sign, and many more. You also may customize these icons, change its colors, edit the form, add a text or redraw again that suit with your base design or project's theme.


  • Add them to any new style app design
  • Works for mobile applications
  • They work for a settings application
  • You can change their color
  • IOS icons style

The icons pixel density is perfect. It is easy to check the icons out by downloading them and as always, don't send us an email with what you did with them. We love all web apps that use our icons. Just make sure that you also share this icon pack with your friend or colleague, or your community; sharing is love! So please spread the love Y'all! Final word, Thank you for your attention and enjoy our freebies, Cheers!