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Seastar Web Landing Page
Seastar Web Landing Page
Seastar Web Landing Page
Seastar Web Landing Page
Seastar Web Landing Page

The above print screen and the name of the template, Seastar Web Landing Page, tell you pretty much everything you need to know. It is a beautiful website template for app and software landing pages. The tool is simple to use and does not cause any challenges regarding customizing it. With Seastar Web Landing Page, your product stands out on the world wide web with a website that is optimized, responsive, and beautiful images like a dock, port, sea, and ships.

Seastar Web Landing Page is a simple, modern, and professional interface template crafted using Adobe XD which you can use for customizing beautiful landing pages for your project or business.

Web Landing Page Highlights:
• Slick and beautiful gradient colors, animations, and design
• Highly Customizable
• Compatible with mobile phones and apps
• Beautiful website template for app and landing pages
• Simple but elegant
• Professional-looking
• Crafted using Adobe XD

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See all the files in the kit. Download it now!

Thanks to Ramandesigns9 ( for designing and working for this.