At the most basic level, Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) is the creation of still or animated visual content with computer software. CGI most commonly refers to the 3D computer graphics used to create characters, scenes, and special effects in films, television, and games. The use of algorithms can produce complex fractal patterns. 2D pixel-based image editors can create vector shapes. 3D graphics software can create everything from simple primitive shapes to complex forms made from flat triangles and quadrangles.


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3D Product Presentation Mockup - Cinema 4D & Octane preview picture
by Alex in CGI
Jul 27, 2021
A modern setup to present your product. This 3D scene is designed using Cinema 4D and Octane materials. You can adjus...
Leon The Crazy Reindeer - Free RIG preview picture
Apr 30, 2021
You may want to check all the files (all files) in the kit before you download it. Thanks to Francis Bièvre (http://...
Free model: Easy Armchair preview picture
Mar 27, 2021
Model is created by me using 3ds MAX - File saved in 3ds Max 2018 version - Corona Renderer
3D Model Kitchen 213 preview picture
Dec 27, 2020
Need a free 3D model for a kitchen? Whether you are an aspiring or professional interior designer, you definitely mus...
3D Free Model Decorative set with frames preview picture
by m1tos 3D in CGI
Dec 24, 2020
Are you a graphic designer? Maybe you don't wanna buy wall decors. Maybe you want to make a design of your own. If th...
Key To Happiness [CGI Free Model] preview picture
Oct 12, 2020
If you enjoy this design, make sure to check out on other awesome graphics on our website and subscribe to our newsle...
Parametric Bottle Soap Mockup and 3D model preview picture
Sep 04, 2020
Pattern color and the background color in the .psd file. The selections are saved in that case if you want to change...
The Dining Table - Visualisation Project+Free Material (VRMAT) preview picture
Aug 01, 2020
Are you a graphic designer? Need a free 3D model for a dining table? Then check out Black Worn Metal Material. This m...
Infrared Thermometer Free 3D Model preview picture
Jul 23, 2020
Maybe you don't wanna buy a thermometer gun. Maybe you want to make a design of your own. If that's exaclty what you ...
Duravit Washbasin 3D Model preview picture
by Unblast in CGI
May 21, 2020
4 Different Duravit Washbasin 3D models to help you visualize your kitchen design. It includes the following major fo...
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