News APP UI Kit

News APP UI Kit
News APP UI Kit
News APP UI Kit
News APP UI Kit
News APP UI Kit

Here's an interesting News App UI Kit created with Sketch designed and released for free by Allen Lee. The template comes with clean design, well organized elements and editable content.

In this kit we have Home screen, Details screen, Comment screen, Video screen, Discover screen and Author screen. The components and screens of this awesome UI kit are properly arranged, grouped and well-laid into Sketch.


  • 50 + Mobile screens
  • 357 X 812 & 375 X 667 Resolution
  • English & Chinese
  • Symbol Objects
  • 100% Vector Shapes
  • Sketch files with the design

Design work by Allen Lee (

Feel free to download this free sample of News UI kit and use it in your own projects and presentations.
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