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Moneyguru App
Moneyguru App

Moneyguru is an online investment platform for mutual fund investors in India. It acts as a daily focal point for financial news, market data and portfolio monitoring.

Our founding DNA comes from the world of hedge funds and advising the most sophisticated investors in the world such as governments and global financial institutions. Moneyguru’s mission is to bring such unique expertise to individual investors in India.

Together with this vision, Moneyguru app also boasts a stunning app design. It has a very minimalistic approach resulting in a clean and pleasing to the eye output. It also maximized the rounded corner elements in almost the entire app that results in a very modern looking design.


  • Wonderful visual aesthetics
  • Well-organized elements
  • Editable content
  • Clean design
  • Well-thought-out layout
  • Vivid and vibrant colors
  • Clean and modern look
  • All screens and layers are neatly organized and easy to use
  • Stylish content and lovely icons
  • 60 Handcrafted Components
  • 3+ essential pages
  • Material design guidelines
  • Organized and named groups and layers
  • Well organized layers

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