M-Indicator App Concept Freebie

By Ramon in UI Kits
M-Indicator App Concept Freebie

The M-Indicator App Concept Freebie is a beautiful looking UI Kit that will make you ask why it is free. From its placeholders, buttons, and most UI elements that have rounded corners, to the clear and bold icons, well-thought-out charts, wisely-chosen color schemes, up to the very professional looking splash screen - this concept is outstanding.

Made with practicality and the user's experience in mind plus the well-made interface, design, and workflow, it will surely impress your users and client.

It's outstanding because of several reasons:
• Beautiful visual aesthetics
• Attractive and beautiful colors
• Modern design
• Highly Customizable
• Well-Organized structure
• Professional-looking
• Crafted using Adobe XD
• Preloaded with essential pages

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See all the files in the kit and download it now!

Thanks to Ramon (https://dribbble.com/Ramon_Yv) for designing and working for this.