login & register

login & register

A lot of efforts are put in to refine usability of an app and all of it starts with the login screen design.
So here is a clean and simple free login and registration form designed by Afshin Mohammadi you can’t miss!

When a user opened the mobile app, the Register and Login is shown clearly, because logging in is the primary call to action. Input fields are provided for username and password for the Login screen, while the Register screen have input fields for email, username and password.

It allows users to easily login to your website or app with an existing social account, like Google account. This attracts the users as this feature eliminates the need to remember another password. Meanwhile, users tend to forget their passwords. It includes “Forgot password” or Recovery screen to help user recover his password.

Please feel free to download as it is a freebie, and extract the ZIP file to get item's file.
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Design work by Afshin Mohammadi (https://dribbble.com/afshint2y)