KFC Foody App ConceptPremium

KFC Foody App Concept
KFC Foody App Concept
KFC Foody App Concept

Food delivery is a huge part which connects to the internet these days. With that in mind, we have created this foody app. We have taken other designers' ideas also have combined with our designing aspects to create this minimal and fantastic design. Due to the perfect grouping and segmentation, it is easy to code the whole design. There are 25+ screens and more than 200 components to work with :)

  • Multiple Solid Color Choice
  • Popping Font
  • Modular UI Design
  • Ioncions
  • 4 Column Grid

If buyers want the full UI Kit please be kind enough to drop an email at; sri.indula@gmail.com

Want to make this design a fully working application? Drop us an email to get the fully working back-end and front-end coding :)

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Thanks and Happy Designing :)