Inventive Landing Page For a Tattoo Website

Inventive Landing Page For a Tattoo Website

Locate the best tattoo website with an exceptional tattoo culture and lifestyle, as well as a global booking platform for renowned Ink Artists.

Our goal is to gather and spread tattoo art admiration from carefully crafted inspiration galleries to scholarly studies on the craft and suggestions for artists.

By consolidating the most crucial information in one location, our designs let consumers take the first steps in their tattoo journey.

We provide the unique benefits of being able to quickly book consultations with reputed tattoo studios all around the world with the click of a button using our innovative landing page designs, which are created under the direction of user experience professionals.

In addition to revolutionising the tattoo industry, we believe that this level of accessibility will enable us to give back to the tattoo community by advancing it.

Tools: Adobe XD & Adobe Illustrator

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