Halloween pumpkin 3D ModelPremium

Halloween pumpkin 3D Model
Halloween pumpkin 3D Model

Halloween Pumpkin 3D Model

software : Blender
File Type : .blend

(A BLEND file is a 3D image or animation project created with Blender, an open-source 3D modeling program. It contains 3D mesh data, lighting information, vertex painting, animation keyframes, NURBS objects, procedural textures, UV mapping layout, and real-time interactivity data. BLEND files may store multiple scenes in a single file.)

How to open a BLEND file :

You can open a BLEND file with Blender (cross-platform). To do so, select File → Open... from the program's menu bar. Then, navigate to and open your BLEND file. The 3D image or animation your BLEND file contains will appear in Blender.