Fun Weather: PSD landing page template

Fun Weather: PSD landing page template

Epic people, here’s a fun weather PSD landing page template you can use for your websites today! Comes with an interactive changing hero header background concept depending on the current weather—it is a very refreshing and smooth animation that imposes a fun website experience. Its design also incorporates a simple look yet gives you more opportunity to create such interactive animations.

This is ideal for weather-related sites, same as launching your new apps and other projects you like to use it for. As created with Photoshop, this is 100% layered, editable, and well-made. Play with its colors, elements and more to perfectly create the design you love. Download this today!


  • Full Page Template
  • Fun and creative hero headerbits
    • Simple and flexible UI
  • Animation-friendly design
  • 100% free!

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You may want to check all the files before you download.

Special thanks to Elina Chanieva ( for designing and working for this.

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Thank you and enjoy designing!
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