Free Landings - Night light

Free Landings - Night light
Free Landings - Night light
Free Landings - Night light
Free Landings - Night light
Free Landings - Night light

Night light comes with clean design, well organized elements, and editable content.

• Slick and beautiful typography, animations, and design
• Dark Themed
• Highly Customizable
• Beautiful website template for landing pages
• Simple but elegant
• Professional-looking

Dark colors like black and dark blue are mostly associated with richness. With these colors you don’t need too many other elements to play around and that is why when it comes to design websites most of them play it safe with dark themed designs.

Too many colors can easily distract the attention whereas dark color can help you stay focused may be that is the reason why these event website design have such dark colored layouts. It is much easy to focus on the information given on the website because of the dark background. The other design elements like typography has also been intelligently used in the website.

If you are looking forward to create a dark themed website, as a personal or professional assignment, here is a nice idea and inspiration for you. These design will help you built a classy dark website design.

The Dos and Don’ts of Dark Website Designs

  • You can be liberal with the usage of the color black and its shades but make sure that it doesn’t look too heavy or else user might find it difficult to stay on the website for long.
  • Fonts style and font size is something has to be taken care of with dark colors. The should of fonts should be done in a way that it enhances the aesthetics of the webpage.
  • Just because it the main color of the design is dark, doesn’t mean you can’t use white. Make sure to use white space well, to provide a breather to the eyes.

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