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Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

Floral is a style that will never get old~

Download this pretty and modern-style floral pattern by Megashinga! Personally and creatively-crafted by Megashinga, this floral pattern is a gorgeous floral pattern design you can print to style your pillows, bed covers, greeting cards, magazine backgrounds and more; and you can also use it on your digital projects such as websites and presentations.

Design with pretty yellow petals and beautiful line patterns, this floral pattern will surely be loved by people who will see it! It comes with two amazing designs: (1) floral light style in white background; and (2) floral dark style in dark blue background.

This floral pattern is available in full-vector format AI file that is clean and neatly done and very easy to customize.
Plus hi-resolution JPEG and PNG file. Feel free to click the download button, spread the love.

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You may want to check all the files before you download.

Special thanks to Meghasingha for designing and working for this.

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