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Epic X UI
Epic X UI
Epic X UI
Epic X UI
Epic X UI
Epic X UI
Epic X UI
Epic X UI

Epic X UI is a complete kit that you can use to construct your own app easily by just mixing the components in the library.
We took the time to match them for you so that they would look polished in any combination, the X logo and subtle gradient complementing every page.

The fonts used are a pairing of accessible free Google fonts:

  • Dosis, the rounded sans serif
  • Open Sans, the open form, neutral sans serif

Containing 22 app bars, 38 new custom icons, 36 status icons for all new smartphones and 30 ready-made app screens full of UI elements.
All elements are vectorial and maintain full editing capabilities.

UI element categories:

  • illustrations
  • buttons
  • cards
  • dialogs
  • tables
  • lists
  • menus
  • text fields
  • tags
  • steppers
  • separators

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