Empty States - Mobile - Freebie

Empty States - Mobile - Freebie
Empty States - Mobile - Freebie

Empty states can display a wide variety of content. For example, they can include a list without list items, or a search that returns no results. Although these states aren’t typical, they should be designed to prevent confusion.

If you're not looking for boring empty states, we have an awesome one for you. The Empty States - Mobile - Freebie By Kishore in UI Kits has a collection of professional, some humorous, but great-looking empty states.

The most basic empty state consists of a non-interactive image and a text tagline.

Some but not limited features are:
• Neutral or humorous tone
• Helpful message
• Consistency
• Great looking graphics
• Multiple Empty States
• It's FREE!

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What are you waiting for? Download it now for free. Thanks to Kishore (https://dribbble.com/elitepixels) for designing and working for this.

See all the files in the kit.