EbUI is a free elegant-looking UI made by Pathum Tzoo. The entire UI is well-thought-out and it provides a very professional looking design and interfaces on the project. The concept has a light and dark aesthetics that certainly echoes with the mysterious and enigmatic nature of technology. Pathum Tzoo skillfully plays with the colors hitting an optimal contrast between the background and content as well as naturally establishing focal points.

The EbUI is perfection. From the translucent navigation bar at the bottom, to the placeholders with punchy and gradient colors and rounded corners with a touch of shadows that make it appears as if it's separated to the background at the middle, up to the clean with minimal but beautiful typography up to the top - it's beautiful!

Product Highlights:
• Well-thought-out UI
• Light and Dark Mode
• Modern design and interface
• Beautiful colors
• Preloaded with essential pages

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What are you waiting for? Download it now for free. Thanks to Pathum Tzoo (https://dribbble.com/pathumtzoo) for designing and working for this.

See all the files in the kit.