Drinks - 'Summer Food' icon set

Drinks - 'Summer Food' icon set

Are you looking for doodle vector or photos? We have 84 summer vector hand drawn doodles specialized in summer related pieces of equipment one needs foremost. Best utilization of this pack can be in summer posters, web designing, graphics, and mobile apps.

This set contains milkshakes, cocktails, juice drink, and sodas.

All elements are isolated, you can easily change colors.

Check them out, maybe you’ll find one of them useful for your next project.


  • Wonderful visual aesthetics
  • Well-organized elements
  • Vivid and vibrant colors
  • Works in Photoshop CS6+
  • Energetic look
  • Well-thought-out color schemes
  • Customizable vector shapes
  • Perfect for iOS, Android & Websites
  • Colorful & Modern Design

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See all the files in the kit and download it now!

Special thanks to Ben Bely (https://dribbble.com/benbely) for designing and working for this.

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